Belgian Boys Mini Pancakes 10.6oz

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    These Bite-Sized Pancakes are fluffy, airy, and irresistible! In the Netherlands, these bite-sized pancakes are known as poffertjes. Enjoy them on their own, with syrup, melted chocolate, or with fresh berries and whipped cream. This heat and eat breakfast is perfect for all ages and will become a staple in the family freezer! 

    Product details:

    • Dutch Mini Pancakes ("Poffertjes") are made of yeast instead of batter, so they're light and airy, like tiny pancake clouds!
    • The yeasty preparation also provides a satisfying chewiness and a richer, more complex taste than regular pancakes.
    • Dutch Mini Pancakes are made in special pans with divots. When they're done, they look like tiny UFOs!
    • Most importantly: They're bite-sized, for easy indulging any time of the day!

    Ingredients: Water, wheat flour, vegetable oil (rapeseed), sugar, buckwheat flour, egg, modified maize starch, whey powder (milk), dextrose, leavening agents: sodium carbonates and di-phosphates, salt, maize starch, skimmed milk powder, natural flavoring, wheat starch, fructose.

    Allergen information: Contains wheat, egg and is produced in a facility that also processes milk. Belgian Boys Bite-Sized Pancakes do not contain peanuts or tree nuts, and are produced in a nut-free facility.