A Dozen Cousins Trini Chickpea Curry 10oz


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    Channa (Chickpea Curry) is a perfect symbol for the cultural diversity of Trinidad. This bold dish was originally brought to the island by Indian migrants – but over time, local cooks began adding their own twist with regional ingredients like cilantro. Today, Channa is a staple food that is beloved across the island by people of all backgrounds. You can enjoy these delicious chickpeas over a bed of rice or with a hot piece of your favorite flatbread.

    From Virginia to Venezuela there are few foods loved more universally than a well-seasoned pot of beans. To keep that love alive, A Dozen Cousins slow simmers all of their recipes using real, wholesome ingredients and seasons them according to traditional recipes.

    Product details:

    • Ready in 60 seconds: Ready-to-eat beans. Simply warm in the microwave or on the stove-top, and enjoy!
    • Quality Ingredients: 100% plant-based protein, always Non-GMO, and naturally gluten free!
    • Authentic Recipes: The recipes are inspired by traditional recipes from across the Americas.
    • Pantry Friendly: A Dozen Cousins beans have a 12-month shelf life and don't require any refrigeration.

    Ingredients: Water, Chickpeas, Onions, Spices, Garlic, Avocado Oil, Sea Salt.​