Ella's Kitchen Organic Cheesy Pie With Veggies 7M+ 130g


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Bds$ 13.99

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    Hello, I'm an organic cheese, potatoes + veg meal that's yummy and perfectly balanced for growing babies! 

    Product details: 

    • Organic and super scrummy!
    • Suitablefor vegetarians
    • Textured not lumpy with a texture designed to encourage little ones aged 7 months and older to chew
    • No added sugar, salt or water, only contains naturally occurring sugars
    • No big lumps and nothing artificial

    Ingredients: Organic potatoes 25%, organic vegetable stock 24% (water and organic vegetables: carrots, parsnips, leeks, onions and swedes), organic sweet potatoes 12%, organic cheddar cheese (milk) 10%, organic tomatoes 8%, organic onions 7%, organic carrots 5%, organic broccoli 4%, organic swedes 4%, organic mixed herbs <1% (thyme, parlsey, rosemary), organic peppercorns <0.1%, other stuff 0%.