Deep Indian Kitchen Samosa Spinach Paneer 12oz

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    When Spinach Paneer and Samosas join forces, the result is epic. Fresh spinach (palak) with a zest blend of ginger, garlic, and spices tossed with creamy cheese (paneer) and stuffed in a hand-folded pastry crust. It's officially the favourite way to get greens in!

    Ingredients: Samosas-Spinach, Wheat Flour, Onions, Sunflower Oil, Paneer (Milk Solids, Citric Acid), Water, Garlic, Rice Flakes, Spices, Salt, Chickpea Flour, Vegetable Oil (Palm Oil, Sesame Oil), Green Chillies, Fenugreek Leaves, Citric Acid (For Flavor), Turmeric. Chutney-Water, Sugar, Coriander Leaves, Dates, Mint Leaves, Tamarind, Salt, Green Chillies, Spices, Jaggery (Unrefined Cane Sugar). 

    Allergen info: CONTAINS: Milk, Wheat, Sesame