My Name Is Love - Paperback Book

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    This book is about universal love, and how we can get out of our own way so that it can come through us; with compelling personal anecdotes and reflections, an opportunity for self-inquiry at the end of each chapter, and inspiring quotes from luminaries to lead the way.

    Yoga and mindfulness teacher Troy Hadeed tells a different kind of love story - one that connects us to our true nature and each other. His quest to understand the human experience and dissolve our sense of separateness provides a roadmap that each of us can follow to overcome the toughest obstacles, love fiercely, and live life wholeheartedly.

    Through his storytelling, readers are invited to contemplate:

    • their relationship to Spirit/God and their right to redefine it
    • the fundamental difference between hope and faith
    • the narratives that shape our perspective of the world and how we can rewrite them
    • our relationship to gratitude and what it truly means to 'be present'
    • an unconditional love that allows us to see beyond our conditioning
    • and so much more

    In his approachable, humorous, and welcoming tone, Troy invites us to journey alongside him as he meets the Kit Kat Kid on the streets of Calcutta, goes on a brutal 30-day trek in the unforgiving jungle of Central America, almost loses it on a random spiritual teacher at a gas station, gets his heart broken, encounters a six-time paraplegic surfing world champion, sits in silent meditation for 10 days, and spends time with some surprising guests. All roads lead to one place: Love.

    This is not a book that will tell you what to do or provide feel-good platitudes. It is a gentle and inspirational guide to introspection, self-awareness, and realizing our role in this epic human journey as we do our best to make the world a better place.

    Only when we get out of our own way, can we discover there is only one answer: Love.