Macarons De Pauline Vanilla Mocha & Chocolate 72g

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    Small round crispy macaron biscuits made from sugar, almond oil and egg whites (no coconut is used), sandwiched with a sweet creamy almond paste filling in the middle!

    Product details: 

    • Six macaron biscuits in a see through gift boxed pack
    • Each macaron is approximately 4cm x 2cm in size and weighs about 12g
    • Delicate crunchy biscuit made with fresh egg white, sun-ripened almonds and powdered sugar
    • No artificial colours or flavours are used
    • Not to be confused with macaroons which are made with coconut and heavier in texture and appearance
    • Ideal self indulgent treat with tea or coffee, hostess gift or present for a friend or family member

    Ingredients: Sugar, almonds 28.57%, egg white, water, glucose, coffee extract 0.27%, cocoa powder 2.89%, vanilla extract 0.06%, wheat starch, salt, natural colours: titanium oxide, other natural colours, carmine red, beta-carotene, caramel, stabilizers: glycerol, sorbitol, guar gum, xanthan, acid: citric acid, natural aroma: vanilla, mocha, cocoa, preservative: sorbic acid.