Fearne & Rosie Strawberry Superberry Preserves 300g


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    All of the sweet fruity goodness you would expect with a whopping 40% less sugar!

    Product details: 

    • It's 40 % less sugar than standard. Fearne & Rosie have taken out all unnecessary sugar to leave you with a jam that is not only healthier, but tastier too!
    • No added concentrate. Concentrate contains high levels of fructose. This Reduced Sugar Jam contains absolutely no concentrate.
    • Vegan, reduced sugar a healthier and tastier addition to your breakfast, lunch or snack time.
    • Proudly made in the UK. This Reduced Sugar Jam is traditionally made in small batches in the UK. This means that this Reduced Sugar Jam is made to the highest standard. British sugar, grown and farmed in the UK. British Sugar Beet has lower food miles and is ethically farmed to UK standards.

    Ingredients: Mixed Fruits (70%) (Strawberries (40%), Blackcurrants (20%), Blueberries (10%)), Sugar, Lemon Juice. Gelling Agent: Fruit Pectin. Prepared with 68g of strawberries per 100g. Sugar 40g per 100g.