Koyo Garlic Pepper Reduced Sodium Ramen 2.1oz


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Bds$ 4.99

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    Savoury Broth Packets contain clean and simple ingredients with real herbs and spices, and no added MSG or high fructose corn syrup unlike many other Soba, Udon or Ramen noodles. Ramen noodles are expertly from freshly milled, organic heirloom grains in the traditional roll-and-cut method, then baked (not fried) to perfection, making them low-fat. Made with the highest quality ingredients: Non-GMO, vegan and no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. 

    Ingredients: Organic Noodles Organic Heirloom Wheat Flour, Sea Salt Soup Packet, Natural Sea Salt, Chinese Mushroom Powder, Vegetable Powders (Onion, Garlic), Natural Cane Sugar, Garlic, Chili, Ginger, Black Pepper, Sesame Seed black, green onion kombu powder.