Navitas Organics Superfood Berry Blend 5.3oz

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    Navitas Organics Superfood+ Berry Blend is a powerful mix of nature's most antioxidant-rich berries—acai, goji and blueberry—in a convenient powdered form. Just add to your favorite smoothies and go!

    Product details:

    • 100% organic acai + goji + blueberry powders
    • Three beloved super fruits that help fight inflammation and oxidative stress
    • Acai: Brazillian superberry revered for its omega fatty acids & antioxidants
    • Goji: ancient Chinese medicinal berry and incredible source of vitamin A
    • Blueberry: fan favorite go-to for antioxidant support
    • Contains no fillers or additives

    Ingredients: Goji powder*, blueberry powder*, acai powder*. *Organic ingredient